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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to solve Unexpected Crash at opening cinematic video

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In the past few hours, some players have found problems with the opening cinematic video of Horizon Zero Dawn, which can lead to a total crashing of the game. The problem concerns particularly the long introductory sequence, which causes several sudden freezes on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

Guerrilla Games is aware of the situation and we are now waiting for a future patch that will solve this problem, however, the team has published a small guide on Reddit detailing how to solve this problem in case of a crash during the introduction video:

· After the game has crashed please restart your PS4.
· After your PS4 has restarted, leave the Horizon Zero Dawn disc in the PS4 for 2 hours while the PS4 is powered on and idle.
· Then start the game again.

The sequence in question can also be reviewed in Extras section on the main menu, under “Intro Movie”. The game developer Guerrilla Games has also shared a post on Twitter that they have received messages from serveral players who are reporting that the Horizon Dawn Zero crashes during the opening cinematic video.

It is not possible to know how many players are affected by this problem, but the developers promises to fix it as soon as possible.

Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn is now available worldwide exclusively on PlayStation 4.