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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How to build and get the best weapons in this game

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Horizon Zero Dawn offers players a vast arsenal of weapons that Aloy will use to combat with the machines. New weapons can be purchased or built using the materials available in the game world. Below, you can check out list of the most powerful guns and items needed to obtain them.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapons

Shadow Ropecaster, Shadow Sling, Shadow Hunter Bow, Shadow Rattler and Shadow Sharpshot are only some of the most powerful weapons we have to take up to Aloy, here’s how to get them:

Shadow Sling – 650 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Crystal Braiding
This weapon shoots several types of grenades that can knock out even the most aggressive enemies.

Shadow Ropecaster – 500 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Snapmaw Heart
The weapon in question fires a very strong rope that can block the enemies and bring down the large predators even to the ground.

Shadow War Bow – 800 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Trampler Heart
Arc capable of inflicting little damage but very useful against enemies already weak.

Shadow Rattler – 950 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Board Skin + 1 Rabbit Skin + 1 Fox Skin
One of the most powerful weapons of Horizon game, difficult to obtain because of the drop of random fox and rabbit skins.

Shadow Hunter Bow – 650 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Watcher Heart
This bow shoots various types of arrows and is considered the best arc present in the game.

Shadow Sharpshot – 800 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Sawtooth Heart
Slow arc when shooting but definitely powerful, able to challenge even the toughest machines.

Shadow Tripcaster – 750 Fragments of Metal Shards + 1 Scrapper Heart
The Shadow Tripcaster allows you to shoot various types of traps against the enemy.

Shadow Blast Sling – 1400 Fragments of Metal Scrapper + 1 Lancehorn Heart
Weapon capable of firing explosive bombs and bombs proximity, both capable of inflicting plenty of damage.

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