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Horizon Zero Dawn First Review Leaked

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While the embargo will end in the next week on Monday, a first review of Horizon Zero Dawn has been already leaked, before obviously getting deleted. The review is no longer available on the Engadget site, but the image has been saved by a user of Reddit.

According to this review, the game has a scenario very strong and the central character is strongly well developed. The title occupies a delightful space between science fiction and fantasy, a mixture of genres that makes the whole feeling modern and unique.

Aloy’s personal journey is intrinsically linked to the mysteries hovering above the world of Horizon, and each new revelation unfolds admirably throughout the game. The script is supported by an equally convincing protagonist, that of a young desperate warrior who wants to discover her true identity and save the world.

If you are interesed in reading this full review of Horizon Zero Dawn, you can visit this link (just click on the image to zoom in to read the review).

Recall that, through a short promotional video, Sony has announced that the preload of Horizon Zero Dawn will be available for American players 48 hours before the launch of the title: those who have pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store US will start playing the game at 9:00 PM 27 February. Horizon Zero Dawn will get a day one patch of 250 MB which will correct some minor issues in the game.

Remember that Horizon Zero Dawn will release on February 28 in the US and March 1 in Europe exclusively on PS4.