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Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2015 Trailer

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E3 2015 has brought many unique game titles this year. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of them. This new game is unique and has a different storyline that mixes with an old world combat skill with futuristic gameplay. The game brings up a huge world and one alone girl to combat and uncover secrets. Most of the animals and beast are mechanical which shows the extensive game plot. The game is set to release next year, and trailer tells a lot about the game. The game was in production from quite long time. But the launch was on a hold. Now we have confirmed information this game is all set for release in the start of next year. The game gives you a single player mode where you will be exploring a lot of new area and dealing with crazy mechanical creatures. For combat the central character is equipped with bows and arrows instead of guns or heavy weapon. We do not really know much about the inventory, but there would be more weapons. This action RPG game is amazing and has nice graphics. The game developer took really long time to finally publish it.

This game has an amazing trailer that dynamically introduces the game. Horizon Zero Dawn will be a new treat for the RPG lovers with lot of freshness and a unique world to explore. The game central character is a female name Aloy. Gamers will really appreciate the open world game and creativity that adds a lot of new look and freshness. Horizon Zero Dawn is something very creative. Check out the trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn below.

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