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Horizon Zero Dawn – E3 2015 Trailer

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Horizon Zero Dawn is a new game coming up this year and a trailer is revealed that gives a glimpse about this game. The trailer does not tell much but is enough to figure out what is the game about. There was a trailer released before that shows up a weird place that tells more about the gameplay. It shows a fight between advance species and among other mechanical beast. This trailer is a kind of mixture of an old age fighting technique with the most futuristic creatures. It is a kind of game that brings contrast of both after-life in one place. It is a very creative game. Trailer below also gives a glimpse of short gameplay that tells us what the game is actually all about. There will be different weapon upgrades also in the game. It looks like a very nice game. This game might give players a chance to have some unique content on the way. We are waiting to find more about this through the gameplay video.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshot
Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshot

The trailer shows up the game character hunting a few mechanical creatures. It also includes stealth mode. Some are aggressive animals while some are just silent. Depending on the task, the character has to hunt and collect items through them. There would be also a lot of surprising twist in the game. This game will be PS4 exclusive only. So if you are not having this console, then you won’t be able to test it out. That is a kind of bad news. A lot of impressive games that will be coming out in the future will be single console exclusives sadly.