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Horizon Zero Dawn Devs Are Working on A New RPG

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After the success of Horizon Zero Dawn (over 7.5 million copies sold), Guerrilla Games has certainly not decided to rest on its laurels and the studio is already working on a new mysterious project, as evidenced by two job advertisements published on the website of the company.

Guerrilla is currently looking for a Scriptwriter and a Senior Screenwriter, both with experience in writing dialogues and narrative structures for Triple-A games. The team requires at least four years of experience in producing an AAA console product and experience with GDR mechanics and Action RPG.

There is no reference to Horizon Zero Dawn but it is not excluded that the project in question may be the long-awaited Horizon Zero Dawn 2: in the past Guerrilla and Sony had stated the intention to carry on the franchise with new games, but no announcement is currently been done on the future of the series.

The type of video game that Guerrilla Games would have in the pipeline is not specified, but other details make us realize that maybe one day we can get our hands on one of their RPGs or a product that will feature role-playing mechanics inside it.

In addition, the writers who send the application will “publish convincing ideas for quests, factions and behind-the-scenes”, as well as write “quest dialogues, scenario dialogues, story profiles, and factional documents”, and “develop narrative projects for the missions, game activities, and game features.”

It is probably too early to learn more about the announcement on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in the short term but we cannot wait to find out more.

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