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Horizon: Zero Dawn Developer Video offers new details about protagonist Aloy

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Through YouTube, Guerilla Games released a new developer diary for Horizon: Zero Dawn, this time focused on the mysterious past of Aloy.

The wait for Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting bigger, but there is very little we know about Aloy, the main character of the new adventure of Guerrilla Games. In the new behind the scenes video of the developers, we can finally find out more about the past of our heroine.

The growth of the player will continue in parallel with that of Aloy: in the first moments of the game we will in fact be put in the role of the hunter even at an early age. This will serve as a tutorial for the initial stages of the game. Growing up, Aloy will experience many types of social barriers, with several members of her tribe that will prove very timid in entertaining relationships with her. There will be, however, friends, and personalities that will help Aloy in her path.

If you’re a fan of this game, you know that one of the main objectives of the plot of Horizon: Zero Dawn is to discover the past of Aloy and all events prior to the post-apocalyptic world. Thanks to this new video, we now know that she has been rejected by her tribe.

Moreover, it was revealed that the team can play with Aloy during her childhood, important to solve some questions about the main plot of the event. Another important detail that the Game Director Hermen Hulst speaks, is the relevance of the voice of the protagonist, among other details that you can check in the video at the end of this article.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn will debut next year on February 28 as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4.

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