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Horizon Zero Dawn day-one patch confirmed to be around 250MB, two new Trailers released

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In recent hours on the web news of a possible day-one patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn has been spread, coming to PlayStation 4 on February 28, the size being 16GB. Some users have catapulted the company to ask for confirmations and, specifically, to Mathijs de Jonge, the game’s director.

De Jonge responded to a player who asked for clarification on a possible day-one patch saying that the 16GB mentioned are those needed in order to start playing when the disc is inserted, or to start downloading from the store, and that is not the expected patch in the day of launch.

Just now, Guerrilla Games has indeed confirmed through its official Twitter account that Horizon Zero Dawn “will receive a day one patch of around 250MB.” You can check the tweet at the end of the article.

While copies of Horizon Zero Dawn are already circulating in the wild, it is unclear how, the game still continues its promotion with two new videos in the late afternoon. The title invites us to participate in an “epic” adventure via two new trailers that still give a damn desire to immerse us in this new universe.

In any case, the two new videos are quite impressive and we look forward to set our foot in this brand new license of Guerrilla Games.

Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on February 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4.