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Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Download Available Today On PS4 Now


Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is now available for PlayStation 4, a comprehensive version of The Frozen Wilds DLC released in November with some additional goodies. To celebrate the arrival of this Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, the PlayStation channel has uploaded a small trailer that highlights the great benefits of the title.

In addition to the expansion, this edition will have a new difficulty mode in which players can explore the world and enjoy the plot of the title without taking much consideration into the fighting. This mode will be called “History” and it will not be the only addition since it will also include an “Ultra difficult” mode in which the enemy machines will be improved in all aspects, something ideal for players who like to play at extreme hard mode.

On the other hand in Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition we will also have the possibility to make a New Game+ in which players can start again the adventures of Aloy without losing the progress of the character or their objects.

Finally, the players who purchase Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will receive all the contents – weapons and garments – previously reserved for buyers of the Digital Deluxe, Limited or Collector’s Edition versions of Horizon Zero Dawn.

All this content will be available for a price below $50 dollars, something that again shows the good work that Guerrilla Games is doing with its flagship project. Who among you plans to acquire Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition?