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Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Killzone Online & More PS5 Launch Titles Hinted by Official PS Magazine UK

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With a survey on Twitter, the Official PlayStation Magazine UK is currently fueling speculation about the possible PS5 launch titles, namely Horizon Zero Dawn 2, The Last of Us Part 2 Online, Killzone Online and a PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima. Since this is the official magazine, it is assumed that the editors have insider information.

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed some details about the upcoming PS5 console and confirms that the next-gen Sony console will release in the next year, before it goes on sale for Christmas 2020.

It was also confirmed that various studios are working on upcoming PS5 launch titles. More detailed titles have not been mentioned yet. However, the Official PlayStation Magazine UK may already have some more specific information. For example, a recent Twitter poll asks “What game will you be playing day one on your PlayStation 5.” The list of games included in the poll are Horizon Zero Dawn 2, The Last of Us Part 2 Online, Killzone Online and Ghost of Tsushima.


It is unclear, however, whether the editors of the OPM UK have insider information or whether they even advised them just out of the blues. But for all the titles mentioned, there is a realistic chance of being a PS5 launch title and for some, there are even real hints.

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