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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Job Listing Confirms Its Development

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Guerrilla Games is preparing its next game, and surely, according to the latest rumors and information, it will be Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The open-world action video game of the studio of Killzone, a title that has sold more than 10 million copies on PlayStation 4, would have a bigger, more ambitious and much more realistic sequel in its approaches that would come to PlayStation 5. But has it been officially announced? No, although the Amsterdam team continues to recruit staff through its official website.

Although they have been looking for new employees for several months, the Dutch team has confirmed that there are two very specific vacancies in their offices. One of them is that of the Technical Vegetation Artist, a position that gives us a fairly clear clue to the existence of the hypothetical Horizon Zero Dawn 2. In this position, the candidate will be responsible for “the creation of vegetation assets that are used to dress the game world.” The listing specifies that “within Guerrilla, we have four teams dedicated to creating the stunning environments of Horizon [and] one team focuses on the creation of lush and stunning vegetation.”

The offer does not leave too much to the imagination, and specific, in addition to the role that the professional who claims this position will play, his work in a Horizon video game. However, it is not surprising that Sony wants a sequel to a successful blockbuster on PlayStation 4, and less when PlayStation 5 will arrive in late 2020 with very fast hardware and capable of offering advanced lighting techniques such as ray tracing.

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While a 2020 launch of a game of this size could easily be ruled out – a Triple-A title of the size of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 can take between three and five years of development – Sony might want to have it ready for the first anniversary of its brand new console.

The other listing for a Principal Animator for Living World suggests that it will be much greater, because the following job offer is equally revealing, since it refers to the creation of an animation engine that is capable of handling large crowds.

Without officially announcing, the video game will be a sequel to the success of 2017, Horizon: Zero Dawn, a fun open-world adventure set in a distant future in which wild robots have taken over the planet, while humans must survive in organized tribes.