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Horizon Zero Dawn 16GB data is game installation on hard drive and not day-one patch

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Yesterday, through the pages of NeoGAF, we found out that the day one patch of Horizon Zero Dawn will have a size of not less than 16GB. However, this news was today denied by Mathijs de Jonge, game director of the title, who came to the rescue of gamers worried about downloading such huge chunk of data.

The break of day one of Horizon Zero Dawn in South America has inevitably led to a flow of news and information about the new title of Guerrilla Games.

This information reported by a member of the famous forum on NeoGAF, at that time, however, made too much rounds on the web with gamers concerned about the huge size of the patch. However, today, Mathijs de Jonge of Guerrilla Games has denied the presence of a day-one patch of 16GB, as the director indicated the size refers to the amount of data to be installed on the hard disk.

Also, the four levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard) which will be selectable from the start was also tweeted by the director on his Twitter profile.

Sony has also released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, that you can see at the end of this article. Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn will be available in North America on February 28 and will arrive in Europe on March 1.