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Homefront: The Revolution will soon get a demo and PS4 Pro support

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Despite Homefront The Revolution has not been as successful as hoped, developers are continuing to support the project, as well as the publisher Deep Silver. The team has indeed just announced the upcoming arrival of a patch that will enable support for PlayStation 4 Pro.

Officially, the shooter Homefront: The Revolution will soon be given a playable demo. In addition, a PlayStation 4 Pro patch will follow in the course of the spring. The studio has also announced that the third extension called “Beyond the Walls” will be available as of March 2017 on the platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC, without giving more details.

Homefront: The Revolution is an unfortunate title, and troubled by the development. To play today it looks very different than it was at the exit, when it was panned by critics and audiences, but few know it.

Fortunately Deep Silver has not abandoned it and continued to support it with DLC and free upgrades, that for example eliminated the annoying framerate issues that plagued the title. What I can say is that today, although not a masterpiece, it is a first-person shooter more than decent that is definitely worth playing.

The update in question will add a higher resolution, support for HDR and an overall performance improvement. In addition, it was confirmed that in the coming weeks a demo of the game on consoles will be published, to give way to everyone to try Homefront The Revolution.