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Hollow Knight will release on Nintendo Switch within 6-12 months


Available on PC, Mac and Linux since last February, Hollow Knight is also coming straight to Nintendo Switch. The publication of the title, however, looks very different from the moment, according to what is reported by Matthew Griffin, PR representative of Team Cherry.

A few months ago, Team Cherry announced Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch, revealing in passing that the Wii U version was canceled. The fact is that the process of adaptation will not be as fast as some expected.

Through Steam forums, a representative of the studio commented that the process to bring the game to this new platform will take months. Specifically, six to twelve months. Why so much, you will definitely ask? Well it is not clear at all, although it is mentioned that the company is relatively small.

“It will take time. Probably between 6-12 months if I had to guess. We’re still looking into porting options but I’m just trying to be conservative with my estimates. Team Cherry is a small team, so these things will take time,” are the statements given on the official Steam forums.

It is for this reason that Team Cherry will take the time to develop Hollow Knight for Nintendo Switch. Apparently, this developer is evaluating various options to adapt their creation. At the moment it is not known if they will take care of this process themselve, or will have the support of another company. Whatever happens in the end, let’s hope everything goes according to plan.

Hollow Knight is a 2D metroidvania from the interesting artistic style title. The game has earned the favor of PC players, witnessed by the media with “very positive” ratings of users on Steam. After being announced and later canceled for Nintendo Wii U, the game of Team Cherry is expected now on Nintendo Switch.