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Hitman’s Show Stopper Mission Play-Through Video

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Hitman is a popular series of action stealth game. A new version is all set for a 2016 release. Below is a video that will offer you a play-through mission. It is far more interesting then what it looks in the video.

Hitman 2016 Game Screenshot
Hitman 2016 Game Screenshot

The next Hitman game in the series is going to release next year 2016. The game will be released on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The developer has not yet stated anything about the older consoles that are losing their place in the list of new video games.

Hitman is a pretty impressive game with lots of new missions to checkout. With this it is also having a nice storyline that keeps players engaged for hours. Similar to its previous edition you will be controlling a well trained assassin Agent 47. Depending on the target, you have to use a bit of strategy to overcome difficulties. The video tells a lot about this new gameplay.

Sniping is the best part of Hitman series. This is something that most of the players love to do. This time it lets you to checkout what all new thing will be added. The video was revealed at Pax Prime 2015. This showstopper mission is around 40-minutes long that also has a bit of intro from the development team. The game has quite a long time for the release. But this video is enough to generate a lot of curiosity among the players. We hope that in coming time we might get to see more gameplay videos like this.