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Hitman Season 2 confirmed by IO Interactive

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The French media Gamergen interviewed, during the Paris Games Week, the producer of IO Interactive Hakan Abrak. The studio has now confirmed second season of Hitman and the first details of the new missions of Agent 47 in that world.

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IO Interactive is currently working on the second season of the episodic stealth action game titled Hitman. This will appear in the course of next year. Just a few weeks ago the Danish developers from IO Interactive talked about the future of the episodic action game. Today, the lead producer, Hakan Abrak, confirmed the ongoing work on a second season of Hitman in an interview conducted by the French media Gamergen.

The game will use the same current base, and we can keep breakouts and equipment obtained throughout the first season. There will also be more elusive goals and missions for the missions of the first six episodes, even once we start the second season.

The equipment studied returns to some cities or countries in the first season for the new missions but new locations that are completely new.

The six episodes of Hitman are now available in digital distribution. The last episode was launched a few days ago and set in Hokkaido, Japan, which was set in a modern private hospital.

The physical edition of Hitman will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in January 2017.