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Hitman PlayStation 4 Pro Enhancements Revealed

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The Agent 47 now gets added to the list of games that will be available on PlayStation Pro. It will be available on this platform from 10th of November 2016 as announced by Io-Interactive.


Io-Interactive is pleased to announce that Hitman be compatible with the Sony entertainment system of PlayStation 4 Pro, the console that will go on sale on November 10, 2016.

In this way, players can enjoy Hitman with technical and visual features of PlayStation 4 Pro. The reflective surfaces have been increased and improved lighting effects making them more detailed, without compromising the frame rate or the game experience.

In other words, players who have the ability to play the game with 4K resolution will benefit from the higher resolution of the images that will be resampled to 1080p to take advantage of the shadows of higher quality and less screen flickering.

On the other hand, players who do not have 4K will also benefit from the quality of PlayStation 4 Pro, since the increased quality of the shadows and glares will be reduced.

The chapter that ended the First Season of Hitman came On October 31. Players will have to accompany the Agent 47 to Hokkaido, where you have to meet two objectives.

Having traveled to Paris, Sapienza, Marrakech, Bankogk or Colorado and Japan, Hitman will land in 2017 with a physical edition for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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