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Hitman – Announcement Trailer E3 2015

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A new version of popular Hitman series is finally announced in E3 2015. A trailer is released that shows a glimpse of the new story line. Hitman is a popular stealth video game series. The game has made its own place in the mind on gamers as one of the finest sniper game. Now a whole new version is all set to come this year. The release date for this Hitman 2015 is confirmed around 8th of December of this year. Hitman will continue its league of stealth based gameplay where you will be dealing with a thrilling game plot. There is not much revealed about the game. Check out the below trailer of Hitman 2015.

Agent 47 is once again the central character. The game trailer shows better and enhanced visuals with a murder mystery that revolves around the Agent 47. The game will come with lot of new mission and a different mode from where players can either start with a stealth mode or just attack openly. There is a sandbox edition in the process that will be out for limited period for gamers to test out and have a look on the actual game. Then a final version will come on Xbox One and PS4 with Steam at the end of the year. We were expecting a bit early release for this game, but the release date is quite long. Those who had played all the series will not have much difficulty in playing the game. It can be a bit challenging for the new players. Hitman will also have a much evolved contract mode that will let gamers to choose the target.