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Hitman 2 Will Have Six Different Locations With Multiple Missions

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Speaking in an interview with VG247, IO Interactive has confirmed that the new Hitman 2 will have six different locations starting from the launch scheduled for November 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

“We have six confirmed locations that will be immediately playable when Hitman 2 launches on 13 November 2018, and there will be multiple missions available within each location,” said a spokesman for IO Interactive, confirming the rumors that they wanted the presence of six sandbox environments within the game. In addition, we have already seen the Miami location in action that you can check in this video.

As stated by the developers, therefore, each of these settings will allow us to access new missions and tasks, returning to dress the role of Agent 47. Hitman 2 takes the player to all corners of the world and to places never before seen in a Hitman series game, from exotic sun-flooded streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, all living and pulsating settings with many paths to explore, a great depth of play and unlimited interactive possibilities for players.

Hitman 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Hitman video game. Featuring new, detailed sandbox locations full of pulsating life settings, Hitman 2 offers players the freedom to plan for ultimate assassination using a wide range of devices, weapons, and disguises as well as a wide variety of stealth techniques to creatively trigger your own unique chain of events.

Hitman 2 introduces new ways to play with the Sniper Assassin mode, a separate feature that adds, for the first time in the Hitman series, the cooperative game: two players can collaborate online to eliminate their targets. For those who want to identify with Agent 47, Sniper Assassin can also be played in single-player mode. In addition, early access to the entire game will be available to those in possession of the Gold Edition or the Collector’s Edition four days before launch.