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Hiring a Professional Painter- Points to Consider

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You can do the painting yourself, but if you want beautiful results, it is recommended to hire a professional painter. Below you will find eight tips that can help you along the way when you are going to engage a painter for your painting jobs.

1. Check the Background of the Painter

Check to what extent the painter has the right experience and background for painting qualities. Specific completed courses indicate that the painter works professionally, where you can rely on the delivered quality.

2. But Clear Agreements with the Painter

It is essential to make good, concrete, and clear agreements with the painter. Prevent miscommunications and check to what extent the painter adheres to the arrangements made. Preferably you need to record deals on paper using an official quote.

3. Compare Different Quotes First

Before you start working with a painter from a premier site like, first request several quotes from different painters in your area. This way, you can then compare all quotes and choose the painter that best suits your budget, preferences, and wishes.

4. Pay Attention to the Quality Marks

If the painter carries a quality mark, this is only better. In this way, you can ensure that the painter meets the established quality requirements and works professionally. 

5. Hire A Painter Per Hour Or Per Job?

You can hire a painter by the hour or by the job. Do you opt for the hourly rate? Then the painter will indicate in advance how long it will take to complete the job. Certain painters also have a minimum rate for painting jobs. If you go for a rate per job, you will see the total amount in the quote in advance. Both rates are more or less the same.

6. Hire a Local Painter

Preferably hire a painter who is from your area. A painter who is based locally can get to your home faster to do the job and therefore charges less mileage compared to a mural painter who has to come from far away. In addition, a local painter can also work faster, and your painting job is therefore completed earlier.

7. Don’t Just Look At The Price

Of course, choosing the quote with the lowest price is always interesting, but keep in mind that painting is about much more than just the price. Image must be done neatly, and then you do not want to pay high costs for lousy painting.

8. Do the Preliminary Work Yourself

You could choose to give the painter a helping hand by doing the preliminary work yourself. Think of cleaning, burning, saucing the ceiling or wall, removing wallpaper or an old layer of paint, and filling holes. The painter has to do less, and you pay a lower rate.


Painting your own home seems like a simple task, but it is not that easy in practice. That is why it is also advisable to engage a professional and experienced painter to carry out your painting jobs to be assured of high-quality painting.