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Hideo Kojima Teases Death Stranding Map Size

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The gameplay trailer Death Stranding continues to monopolize the attention of gamers, who after discovering the release date of Death Stranding and taking a closer look at the game mechanics, are looking forward to learning more.

One of the aspects that is most appealing to the community is the vastness of the game world: What will be the size of the Death Stranding map? For the moment it is difficult to say, given that all the videos of the game seen so far at least as far as the gameplay sessions are concerned, have been set in places that look more or less similar.

But in the last gameplay video, we saw new areas, like a forest and a snowy mountain. It was this mountain that Hideo Kojima spoke with a post on Twitter: “In the new DEATH STRANDING trailer, there’s a scene Sam sets up the rope. The snow mountain is not the set, the path exists and you can actually go climb up the mountain. The snow mountain appears in the beginning of the trailer is exactly what it is.”

It, therefore, seems that the dimensions of the map are larger than expected, if there is also a mountain to climb. Already, Horizon Zero Dawn proved that the Decima engine is capable of managing a vast open world while maintaining exceptional graphics, so there should be no problems in this regard.

Death Stranding will release on November 8, 2019 on PS4. In recent news, Kojima stated that Death Stranding is not a stealth game.

What do you think about this huge open world of the game? What do you expect from the setting of the game? Tell us in the comments below.