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Hideo Kojima talks about his relationship with Norman Reedus

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Interviewed by Sugoi Japan, Hideo Kojima spoke, among other things, his personal and professional relationship with Norman Reedus, lead actor of The Walking Dead and hired by the Japanese manufacturer before for Silent Hills and later for Death Stranding.

During a recent interview, Hideo Kojima is back to talk about his relationship with Norman Reedus, the actor of the TV AMC The Walking Dead series who was also known at the times of P.T. and Silent Hills, and then involved in Death Stranding.

As everyone knows, the cast of Death Stranding consists of well-known faces in the field of film. In a recent interview with Sugoi Japan, the game designer Hideo Kojima explained the reasons that led him to hire Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen for his new video game.

These are the words of Kojima praising Reedus: “Norman showed concern and supported me during my previous situation, so when I went independent I went to ask him to appear in my first project. When I offered him a role in my next game, he replied: ‘Of course, that would be cool! Yes! I would be a fool not to take this!'”

Hideo then briefly spoke also of Mads Mikkelsen, claiming to greatly appreciate the work of the Danish actor, so much so that watching one of his films every day. “I’m absolutely in love with Mads, to the point where I watch one of his films every day,” said Kojima.

Although this seems to be a very interesting cast, but we still have to wait a few years to see them in action in the new game of the “Maestro” Hideo Kojima.

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