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Hideo Kojima shows the Ludens statue in scale 1:2, planned to make it commercial

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A few days ago Hideo Kojima has revealed that he sealed an agreement with Prime 1 for the production of a statue in scale 1:2 of Ludens, the symbol of Kojima Productions. Today the Japanese developer has received a copy and took the opportunity to publish new pictures, which you will find at the end of this news.

A few days ago, we reported the announcement by Hideo Kojima regarding Ludens, mascot of the new Kojima Productions: The game designers had announced that the statue of the mascot would be put on sale. One specimen in scale 1:2 has arrived at the headquarters of the development house and the father of Metal Gear and future Death Stranding has proceeded to assemble it, stressing that in the future, fans can buy their own copy.

In the images we are shown the various assembly phases, and every little detail that characterizes the work. Kojima also confirmed that in the future Prime 1 will produce other specimens of Ludens intended for marketing. For the moment there are no information shared about the price and the launch period of the statue, so we just have to wait for the next updates.

So let’s see some shots shared by Kojima:

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