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Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Sequel Is Possible

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Although we have already seen an extensive gameplay, the reality is that several things about Death Stranding remain a mystery. One of them is whether it will be an individual project or if it will be done in such a way that it lends itself to a sequel. This is why GameSpot decided to question Hideo Kojima, director of the game, about it and there he opened up to the possibility of having a second or even a third part.

“I’m not really sure,” Kojima said when asked if Death Stranding could become a series. “The most difficult part is, when you create something new, you have to create a sequel and then a third version or it [will] not remain as a genre. When this game comes out there will be a lot of pros and cons, and [these elements could become the essence of the core part], but I think it’s better that I keep it going in a sequel.”

Later, Kojima seemed to be open to creating a review of Death Stranding or some other type of project to ensure that the Strand Game remains as a genre: “Yeah, probably at least 1.5, and then 2, maybe, at least so that it remains and people are aware of the genre. There are a lot of other projects that come up like TV dramas and things like that. A lot of pitches come my way.”

Now, it is important to note that the creative was not committed to the idea of ​​a Death Stranding sequel or some other project related to this game. After all, there are other creative initiatives with which he wants to get involved and a job of that magnitude would take time to do so.

“Why I can’t say it’s definite is because I only have one body, and there are many projects that I have to be involved with. And it’s really tough for me physically to do many things at once,” Kojima said.

We take this opportunity to talk about Death Stranding to tell you that Kojima explained that it will be a game that will have an atmosphere that will make us feel alone. On the other hand, you should know that last week we saw gameplay that revealed its customization system.

Death Stranding will release on November 8 on PlayStation 4. What do you think about Kojima’s statements? Do you think there will be a sequel to Death Stranding or that his next game will be something else? Tell us in the comments below.