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Hideo Kojima: Conan O’Brien Offers “Sea Otter Suit” for Swimming Easily In Death Stranding

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One of the characteristics of Death Stranding is that most of its characters are played by important industry members, actors or entertainment personalities. In fact, we know there will be cameos or guests, like Geoff Keighley, as revealed by Hideo Kojima, the father of this title.

Now, another personality has just been confirmed to be part of Death Stranding with a special cameo. Hideo Kojima continues with the campaign to promote his game, so he met an important television presenter and comedian from the United States.

The developer invited none other than Conan O’Brien to his offices. Both took a tour of the studio and talked about various aspects of Death Stranding. The big surprise comes at the end of the show, where the Kojima Productions team is seen working alongside the presenter.

Shortly after, Kojima confirmed that Conan O’Brien will appear in Death Stranding. The creative explained that the presenter will be in the game as ‘The Wondering MC’ and that we will find him in one of the stations that we will visit as Sam Bridges.

In addition, the character of O’Brien will help us in our adventure, because he will give us the curious ‘Sea Otter Suit’, an otter suit with which Sam can swim more easily. Below you can see its operation and the presenter’s visit to the Kojima studio:

On the other hand, we know that Kojima has already completed the launch trailer of Death Stranding, so it can debut at any time. If you are ready to play Death Stranding, we will tell you that we already know the exact space that the title will occupy on your console.

Death Stranding will release on November 8 for PlayStation 4.