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Hideki Kamiya Is Already Working On Some Concepts for Bayonetta 4 Development


The first two Bayonetta game came to Nintendo Switch and Platinum Games, with Hideki Kamiya at the helm, is working on Bayonetta 3, but the creative has made it clear that he already has some ideas for Bayonetta 4.

Through the social network Twitter, despite the launch of the third chapter which still seems long enough, the Japanese developer says to have already developed some concepts that could be useful in the continuation of the series.

This does not confirm the release of Bayonetta 4 for Switch. It seems that the developers were inspired by the latest title and decided to extend the story or the designs to a narrative that covers a possible fourth installment, but we cannot take anything for granted yet.

However, with the success of the previous two games of the series and the hype for the next installment, it would not be strange that the company has already started with the advances of a successor.

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This suggests that the main elements of the third installment (Bayonetta 3) are already closed: history, gameplay and major developments with respect to their predecessors. Therefore, the new ideas of Kamiya would have to be applied already in a future fourth title, if it comes to materialize.

Fans of the Bayonetta series are looking forward to the announcement of the release date of Bayonetta 3, the next installment of this successful series critically acclaimed on Nintendo platforms. There are rumors that the title will be released this year or early next year.

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