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Hideki Kamiya talks about the cancellation of Scalebound and denies health problems

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Kenichi Sato of Platinum Games has recently commented on the cancellation of Scalebound in recent hours and the same is done now by Hideki Kamiya through some messages posted on Twitter, in which he has also denied having health problems, as rumored in recent days.

The manufacturer and the Japanese game designers apologizes to all those who were waiting for Scalebound and he says sorry for what happened. “As you may have already heard, Scalebound has unfortunately been canceled. I’m very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this game,” Kamiya said.

In any case, Kamiya will continue to work on new projects and in this regard in a clear and decisive manner he has denied rumors that he wanted to rest for solving health problems related to stress: “Sorry to bring you such bad news at the start of the year. All I can do for you is to promise to keep delivering fun games. I’ll work extra hard to never have to let you down like this again, so I hope you will keep watching over us in the future too. And…I took time off for my mental health? …Me!? No way.”

official comments on the reason for the cancellation of the Scalebound game have not arrived yet.