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Heroes of the Storm Patch with Butcher and New Battleground download available now

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Blizzard has released a patch for Heroes of the Storm. This patch adds some bug fixes but that it also brings little new content to the game. This is not a major release but a kind of additions for the same and also a reason to improve its performance. The patch includes two new contents which is Butcher and New Battleground. Butcher is a new character in the game that offers you a new level and there is a new map location called as Battlefield of Eternity. We had provided the official features below. This will help you to understand what this new content is all about. Also, you can just checkout similar detailed information on the official site.

Heroes of the Storm Patch
Heroes of the Storm Patch

Heroes of the Storm is a high rated game that came out first in June 2, 2015. This is a recent release and also quite popular. The patch notes give more details about what new things are in it.  About Battlefield of Eternity, it is a new battleground in the game that offers you a competitive level against the immortal. The immortals are having bit upgraded shield that helps them to stand longer in the match. A few additions have been also done to the basic abilities. Like the damages can slow down the enemies by 50%. Refer to whole patch notes on the official website here and some of it below:

New Battleground  

  • Battlefield of Eternity is a two-lane Battleground featuring two massive Immortals that battle endlessly at its center, and teams must compete to defeat the opposing Immortal.
  • Once its foe has been toppled, the victorious Immortal will be restored to full Health, and proceed to seek out enemy Structures, attacking down the lane with the most remaining defenses.
  • An attacking Immortal will also gain a Shield, proportionate to the amount of Health it had remaining at the end of the battle.
  • The Immortal will perform ranged attacks, which each consume a portion of its Shield. Taking damage will also drain the Immortal’s Shield.
  • Once its Shield has been expended, the Immortal will only attack at melee range.

New Mercenaries

  • Fallen Shaman: These malformed demons never stray too far from a pack of Fallen Hounds, and will quickly resurrect any Hounds that are killed in combat. Those who value their souls would be wise to first destroy the Shaman before targeting its Hound companions.
  • Khazra: The half human, half goat creatures that inhabit Battlefield of Eternity are tough, ranged attackers that won’t hesitate to rain spears on their foes. Defeat the Khazra at their camps to harness their destructive appetite before the enemy team.