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Heroes of the Storm gets Warcraft and Diablo characters


Through, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that Heroes of the Storm will receive new content, but the most important is the integration of new characters such as Gul’dan of Warcraft and Auriel of Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm

The official YouTube account of Heroes of the Storm has revealed a video where the next mounts, skins and heroes, who will arrive in the coming weeks to Blizzard title is shown.

So, Gul’dan and Auriel will not only reach the Nexo, because the characters will also have different skins. The character of Warcraft will have the appearances of Master and Balespider, while that of Diablo can use Demonic and Master.

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As if that were not enough, the update will add new mounts and skins for Arthas, Johanna, Li-Ming.

Currently there are no precise launch date for the new characters and new content of Heroes of the Storm, but the studio said that it will be available “in the coming weeks.”

Check out the content in the video below.

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