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Here’s how to improve your Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on Project Scorpio


In addition to revealing the technical specifications, and having confirmed the presence of an internal power supply more efficient, Digital Foundry also explains the ways in which Project Scorpio will improve performance and graphics quality of the titles of Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

As explained in the video found at the bottom of this news, we have essentially five aspects in which the games will improve on the new console of Microsoft:

1. Frame Rate and fluidity: Unless there are no arrivals of a patch from the developers themselves, the framerate of the game will not automatically switch from 30fps to 60fps. CPU and GPU of the console, however, will take advantage of the optimum performance which will be absolutely stable, so as to really achieve the target frame rate (30 or 60) that perhaps on Xbox One could hardly reach. In addition, the GPU will be able to fix annoying screen tearing issues present in certain cases, on other Microsoft console.

2. Resolution up to 4k: All the games on Xbox One will turn to 1080p and will run at 100% in 4K native on Scorpio. Microsoft has also stated that the optimizations included in the GPU of Scorpio will allow the console to also bring numerous titles in 4K native that will turn in 900p (statement to be verified in the future). Finally all games that use a dynamic resolution on Xbox One, will be able to run on Scorpio at the highest resolution supported by the renewed power of the GPU.

3. Filters of the texture: Showing an example with Motorsport 6, Digital Foundry explains how on Project Scorpio it will be possible to improve the quality of textures by applying the 16x anisotropic filtering, so as to return a graphic layout of the title significantly superior.

4. Loading times: Thanks to Project Scorpio, the in-game loading will be significantly lower, which is going to solve a widespread problem with several games of the current generation.

5. Capture video and screenshot: Thanks to the HEVC coding system it will be possible to capture sequences of gameplay up to 4K 60fps and save screenshots without loss of graphic quality.

Recall that Xbox Scorpio will arrive on the market by the end of 2017; Microsoft once again will present the new console at Los Angeles at E3 2017.