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Here’s a Quick Guide to Help You Choose the Best Ceiling Fan

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Buying a ceiling fan may seem like an easy task but it is only when one starts looking for it, people realize how daunting the entire process can be. That’s because choosing a good ceiling fan out of the countless number of fans available on the market is not easy. In fact, it gets all the more difficult when one wants to buy the best ceiling fan. If you, too, are facing a similar issue or are planning to buy a new ceiling fan anytime soon, here’s a post that tells you how to choose the best ceiling fan. Let’s get started. 


1. Make sure the ceiling fan offers adequate cooling.

The primary function of any ceiling fan is to provide adequate cooling. And if you want to buy a ceiling fan that offers adequate cooling, you need to ensure it offers high air delivery. The air delivery of a fan is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters per Minute) and it depends on the size of the fan. The size of the fan in turn depends on the size of the room in which you want to install the fan. For instance, the air delivery of a standard-sized room (around 75 to 160 sq. feet)  should lie anywhere between 200 to 230 CMM.  Other factors that impact the air delivery of a fan are the shape of fan blades, motor speed, and more.  visit here

2. Go for a ceiling fan that complements your room’s decor. 

Gone are the days when ceiling fans used to be plain and simple. The modern-day ceiling fans are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. This gives you the option to choose a fan that complements the decor of your home. You can also go for a fan with LED lighting. The Lumero by Luminous India, for instance, is a beautiful-looking LED integrated ceiling fan that not only allows uniform light distribution but also enhances the aesthetics of your room. Similarly, if you want to buy a fan that brings an international ambience to your doorstep go for a fan from the Signature Range of Luminous India. 

3. Look for an energy-efficient.

The higher the power consumption, the heftier the energy bills, and it doesn’t stop there. Higher power consumption also leads to an increase in environmental woes that have a long-term negative impact on our planet. That’s because the power we consume is produced using fossil fuels and the use of fossil fuels leads to issues such as the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for our coming generations. Buying an energy-efficient fan can help do just that. These fans consume 40 to 50 % less energy as compared to regular fans. 

4. Choose a ceiling fan that offers the latest smart-fan features.

Smart ceiling fans are the latest craze among fan buyers. Unlike regular fans, smart fans can be controlled using devices such as smartphones, voice-control assistant Alexa, and InfraRed remote control. These fans are IoT enabled which means they are connected to the internet and can, therefore, be controlled by devices that run on the internet. If you want to buy a smart ceiling fan, you must check out the Audie by Luminous India. It is an aesthetically designed fan that’s available in Mirage White color. It can be controlled using three options (other than the switchboard) – smartphones, voice control assistant Alexa, and IR Remote control. 

Word of Advice

We do understand that people have a limited budget and nobody wants to spend exorbitantly. But make sure you set a realistic budget and then start looking for a fan in that budget. For instance, if your budget for a ceiling fan is INR 4000 then you should look for the best ceiling fan within your budget and not for one that’s the cheapest . Do not compromise on the quality of the fan, just to save a few bucks.  And if you want to buy from a brand that offers superior quality at reasonable prices then you must check out Luminous India’s online portal where you would find a wide range of ceiling fans.