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Helldivers DLC “Masters of the Galaxy” download available today

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Helldivers players will be happy to see a new DLC for this game that is going to bring a lot of fresh content. The name of DLC is Masters of the Galaxy. The download is available today. With this there is also an announcement about Super-Earth Ultimate Edition. But yet there is no date confirmed when this is going to come finally come in retail.

Helldivers Screenshot
Helldivers Screenshot

Helldivers was launched in March 3, 2015 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. It is a top-down shooter game which is going to get some fresh content in the form of Masters of the Galaxy DLC. A lot of information about the DLC is already provided on the official PlayStation blog.

Below you can see few more features and to get full details you can visit the official link given below. After this there would be new Super-Earth Ultimate Edition retail release. The features for the same are provided below. It will bring a Blu-Ray edition of Helldiver where you can play on a bigger screen with a lot more better resolution. After this, in coming Wednesday, there will be more Reinforcements packs. This includes Entrenched Pack, Pistol Pack and Vehicles Pack. Each of this pack will cost between  €2.99 – €3.99 separately.

Features of Helldivers Masters of the Galaxy DLC can be read from this address.

New trophies

  • New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
  • New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
  • New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master

Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Features

  • Helldivers PS4 game on Blu-Ray
  • Helldivers PS3 and PS Vita digital games
  • Helldivers Turning Up The Heat and Masters Of The Galaxy expansions
  • 11 DLC packs + bonus weapons pack + PS4 dynamic theme