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Hellblade unbinds controversy over its system of permadeath

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The video game media, fans and a half of the world commented yesterday about the peculiar permanent death feature supposedly included in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the latest title of the development company of Ninja Theory, even though it has received mixed reviews at least for what it has tried to be genuinely original.

As we report here, the title explains almost at the beginning of the game, after the first battle, that every time you die “a darkness” will extend through the arm of the protagonist and that at the time that it reaches its head the game will be over and you will lose your saved progress, which is nothing more than a permadeath system.

Well, social networks went to discuss the pros and cons of this feature. But the controversy grew when a video of YouTube was verified that showed neither dying more than 50 times in the game came the famous “permanent death.” Here we leave you with the video in question below:

Now, without an official statement by Ninja Theory, reports indicate that it may have been only a narrative trick to put pressure on players, who would feel a “more real” fear of facing enemies in battle with the pressure of losing all your saved progress.

So while there were those who were annoyed by this type of permanent death mechanic, later other users lamented that it was all about a developer strategy. Of course, there is no shortage of people who say that this is really a brilliant decision that helps players feel more accurately the dark atmosphere of the title.