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Hellblade Senua Trailer in 360-degree Released by Ninja Theory

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Ninja Theory has released a video of Hellblade which has the distinction of being controllable to 360 degrees. This allows us to visit the environment worked for its next game of the British studio coming this year on PC and PS4.

Hellblade Game Screenshot

During development, Hellblade looks like the next title from Ninja Theory, to whom we owe DmC Devil May Cry, Enslaved or the encore Heavenly Sword. The British company continues to emphasize its next upcoming game on PC and PS4.

A new trailer has been released, bringing the Senua honor, the heroine of the game. The video is unique in offering a 360-degree view, to turn the camera angle any time to enjoy the surroundings of the game. To move the picture you just need to move the cursor with the mouse, or if you’re using a smartphone/tablet just use the touch screen function.

The stereoscopic video can be seen in virtual reality using the mobile application of the Youtube or Google Cardboard. The way in which virtual characters react to the player’s movements gain in quality thanks to this technology and Ninja Theory believes that the combination of motion capture systems procedural animation and artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way we enjoy of the online experience.

Recall that the title will offer us to control this Celtic warrior who is revealed as subjected to a form of paranoia arising on hallucinations.

Hellblade will be marketed in 2016 on PC and PS4, without elaborating much currently.