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Hellblade Opening Cinematic Intro and Gameplay Video

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Hellblade is a new game that is going to appear in the year 2016. The game release is not yet finalized but we are getting an early gameplay trailer that puts some light on this new game. It starts with a girl character Senua who is against the evil. The game shows up an opening cinematic that looks pretty impressive and with that a short fight and some gameplay. The video also shows a new world that is filled with evils that appear instantly from no owner. The game is having a ninja-class melee type of gameplay. You will be using up swords and ancient weapons to deal with enemies. With that the game is also having a good storyline and a nice art vision. It is very different and we think that the game is really great when it comes out. This early trailer is surely going to get us impatient. The video is quite impressive and the graphics quality also looks great here.

Hellblade Game Screenshot
Hellblade Game Screenshot

It is also not clear whether Hellblade game will be coming up on PC or not. The release is rumored somewhere next year. So that is a kind of long time for the release. As per the video we think this game will come with promising storyline and gameplay. As per certain news sources the game is going to appear on PS4 and PC. But this is not yet confirmed and it can be clarified only by the game developer. Checkout Hellblade Early In-Development Gameplay Snippets below: