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Hellblade Combat System Shown in a New Developer Diary Video

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The UK studio Ninja Theory has released a new video explaining the development of Hellblade, especially at the angle of view of fighting and efforts for motion capture.

Hellblade Game Screenshot

Announced for the first time at Gamescom 2014, Hellblade is the next game of the British studio Ninja Theory. This production will draw the lessons from previous productions of society, Heavenly Sword and Ensalved at the top of the list.

The new video released shows the design of the fighting in the game. Having opted for a close camera angle of the action, the development team has approached specialists in martial arts and stunt professionals for performing motion capture. In this way, the animations are very realistic and seems dynamic.

Recall that Hellblade will be an action game in which we incarnate Senua, a Celtic warrior who is affected by many particular hellish hallucinations.

The title is scheduled for release in this current 2016 year on PC and PS4, without elaborating much currently.