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Hearthstone’s new Murloc Hero requires friends to unlock it

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Blizzard unveiled its newest hero of Hearthstone; it is about Morgl the Oracle, a small murloc shaman for which you will need to ask help from a friend if you want to unlock it.

Morgl the Oracle

The company has implemented a new scheme called Recruit a Friend, by which you have to invite a friend to play Hearthstone, and if he reaches level 20 combined between different classes, Morgl will be unlocked for you. In addition, each player that you recruit will grant you a pack of Classic cards, as the recruits.

As you may recall players of Hearthstone, previously the new heroes ask you to come up to level a character in World of Warcraft, so the new scheme is somewhat easier.

Undoubtedly, the latest expansion of online game cards, Whispers of the Old Gods, has revitalized Hearthstone.

One of the aesthetic that appeals most players of Hearthstone is the portrait of the hero. While each class has a specific character from the beginning of the game, alternative heroes are available to allow users to step into the shoes of their favorite players.

These developments are often presented on the occasion of important events in the community of Blizzard. Thus, developers have proposed such we embody Khadgar to replace Jaina for the Mage class. The hero was available in the store for a limited time and all the funds would then be directly donated to the association of animal protection WWF.

Similarly, the Lady Liandrin could be obtained free for players of Paladin class but only after reaching level 20 on World of Warcraft, the famous MMORPG from the same license.

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