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Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods DLC download available now

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Hearthstone, the popular online collectible card game from Blizzard – registered by 40 million – sort of, on Tuesday 26 April, gets one of the most important expansion of its short history. Unlike previous expansion, the Whispers of the Old Gods not only introduces new cards to play, but separates the game in two different modes: “free”, in which we can use all published maps since the creation of the game, and the “Standard”, in which only the published maps of last two years can be used – and that will now be the preferred format of tournaments.

Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods

The classic card game Hearthstone, which just had over 40 million players around the world, continues its tremendous rise with the arrival of a new expansion called as Whispers of the Old Gods that is available from yesterday night.

In total, 134 new cards are added to the already vast collection of maps of the game. Among them, there are many legendary cards including the four gods to whom the expansion is named. If Whispers of the Old Gods do not introduce new gameplay, extending is introduced however with a new way of playing, building a deck around a single creature that will grow over the game, when the player will invoke some of his servants.

To celebrate the release of “Whispers of the Old Gods”, Blizzard has a total of 68 cards to the players, a legendary – C’thun – and his two servants. To retrieve the 13 free packets, you need to try the new standard game mode by playing a minimum of 7 parts.

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This initiative focuses on encouraging new players to venture into ranked games as they can recover many cards without spending a single money. For older, it is also a nice gift as to recover most of the cards, the player must usually buy up to 50 packs of cards with virtual currency gained over challenges or using credit card.

The arrival of the new extension also sign the disappearance of two add-ons, namely Gnomes & Goblins and Naxxramas. If the collected cards will remain in the collection of players, it is no longer possible to buy new packets. To complete the collection, the player will have to spend the hard-earned over dust of his fights. The idea is really to simplify parts for new players by reducing the number of cards that can be used in new Standard game mode. Overall, the parties should also be more balanced, since the expansion of Gnomes & Goblins included a large number of units favoring aggressive decks.

If the game is already installed on your smartphone or your computer, the update will be done fully by automatic update when you connect to a WiFi network. For new players, simply download the application to the App Store or Google Play to join the wonderful world of Hearthstone.