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Hearthstone Patch 8036 download available with Blackrock Mountain and Three New Card Backs

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Hearthhead Patch 8036 is the next patch devoted to Blackrock Mountain. It is indeed a minor patch . But it has made ​​its appearance on the servers of the game. The patch is not yet deployed. After checking out we are able to find that it contains the letters “brm” which probably means “Blackrock Mountain,”. This is a place in World of Warcraft. This place contains many dungeons and raids, including Molten Core, home Ragnaros. We are trying to collect a bit more information on the patch and will update this article as we get details. On different sites you can mostly find half information on the same. There are also three new places which I had mentioned above. Molten Core is one of them. It is being found that Blizzard is adding a new card at the end of every month.

So in this case Ragnaros becomes the latest one here. And there are developer notes with the cards that also provide a information about the next adventure mode. But this can be rumor also unless Blizzard does not officially confirm it. I am quite sure that fans are excited about this new patch. The last patch in similar manner was released in the 2nd week of March last year. We can expect the same thing coming up this year also.

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