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Hearthstone patch 2.7 with Tavern Brawl mode download soon available

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Hearthstone is a free to play online collectible game. This game was released on March 11, 2014 by Blizzard. Hearthstone is going to get a patch soon. The download date of this patch is not yet revealed and nothing is confirmed about any new features that it will add in the game.

We are able to collect little information from some sources that will help you to learn more about this patch. The patch version is 2.7. It will come with Tavern Brawl mode. The patch is assumed to come in the mid of the month.

As per the official site this new patch is going to bring some big changes in the game. Tavern Brawl is just a single feature and primary highlight in this game. It will add a new look in the game, so that you can play back if you are already done with many levels. In this mode you will be facing other players which have different rules and this will make the game bit more competitive.

There are chances that in a week you might also get a pack of preset deck. Here this is a new kind of co-operative gameplay that will help users to play in a more challenging mode. Things are not preconfigured. You might randomly get a preset deck or you can simply craft your own at some levels. So here at some point you might be strong, or you can land into against more challenging set of cards. After installing the patch, Tavern Brawl will appear on the main screen below Arena Buttons. It will remain locked if you are not having a 20 Hero level.

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