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Hazelight Explains Why A Way Out Will Not Release on Nintendo Switch

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We are a few days away from the debut of A Way Out, a cooperative title developed by Hazelight and a work of the mind of Josef Fares, and as has happened on previous occasions, the developers are questioned about the probability that it will release on Nintendo Switch. Recently Lucas de Vries touched the issue and the news is not positive for the users of the hybrid console.

During a question and answer session on Reddit, Lucas de Vries, the programmer of Hazelight, explained the reason why A Way Out will not arrive on Nintendo Switch.

According to the creative, one of the reasons why the game is not contemplated for Switch was that the announcement of the console occurred at an advanced stage in its development, which made it impossible to consider a version for users of Nintendo hardware.

At the same time, de Vries revealed that other difficulties that prevented the contemplation of the arrival of A Way Out on Switch was the type of control: “Since both players require their own camera control, it would mean that you would be forced to buy an extra pro controller to even play the game, which seems like it would be a little unfair to the concept of the Switch. It would have been quite an effort to make an automatic camera system to make single-joycon play work.”

In other news, it was confirmed that A Way Out will have gameplay duration of 6-8 hours. A Way Out will release on March 23 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.