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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide: How to Get Spell Energy Fast

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The Pokémon Go phenomenon may have found its worthy heir. We’re talking about Harry Potter Wizards Unite, a new production by Niantic, which after the augmented reality title dedicated to the world of Pokémon, tries once again with the license linked to Harry Potter created by the genius JK Rowling.

As for Pokémon Go, even Harry Potter Wizards Unite has unique features that make it a certainly fun game, but also to be studied to allow us to master it to the fullest. Once you have downloaded it to your smartphone and taken the first steps into the fantastic enchanted world, it is likely that you will encounter the first doubts and/or difficulties.

One of these might just be the Spell Energy, or that element that you will consume every time you use a spell and that will need to be reloaded to be able to use as many spells as possible. Warning: there is no better or worse way to meet this need, on the contrary, Harry Potter Wizards Unite will provide you with different ways to obtain Spell Energy.

In this guide we will explain what they are, giving you some advice on how to get it as quickly as possible.



How and Where to Get Spell Energy Quickly:

Before starting, a few clarifications. Harry Potter Wizards Unite will provide you with 75 Spell Energy units. If you think they are many, we invite you to reflect: the most powerful spells consume more unity, and right now Niantic will allow you to expand these slots by making in-game purchases, using real money. However, as we said, there are three main ways to recharge the 75 slots.

Inns and Greenhouses:

As in Pokémon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite also proposes places where, rather quickly, it will be possible to recharge the Spell Energy. They will be scattered around the game map and will also be in correspondence with real places of interest. The Inns are places in which to go to rest and consume magic food; the latter will recharge your Spell Energy from a minimum of one unit to a maximum of six. The Greenhouse, on the other hand, will allow you to choose between three types of edible plants, which, occasionally, will also give you a bit of Magic Energy.

Daily Challenges:

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite you can also carry out daily challenges, which will reward you with five units of Spell Energy. To do them, simply go to the calendar (bottom right icon) and then scroll down to choose the most rewarding mission – and often, therefore, more complicated.


The third and last alternative is the most immediate, but also the most expensive. If you are lazy or particularly wealthy, you can decide to buy Spell Energy directly from the game store, paying with the Golden Coins, the official currency of the game that will be purchased for real money. Prices in this sense are in line with gender games, that is not overwhelming but not even really cheap.

In short, Harry Potter Wizards Unite seems to propose opposing alternatives but still valid to the players: the most willing will be able to get everything they need simply by playing, while others will be able to use their wallet to get around the problem and optimize the time.

And now, you know everything about how to get Spell Energy in this game! Feel free to check out our other guides of Harry Potter Wizards Unite at this link.