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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide: Best Professions To Choose

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Taking care of magic animals, fighting against enemies or use magic wisely? Do you have the soul of a magizoologist like Hagrid or an Auror like Harry Potter? Unless you prefer to teach at Hogwarts! Here are the 3 professions available in Harry Potter Wizards Unite on iOS and Android!

Finish the choice of a team Red, Blue or Yellow as in Pokémon GO! Now, in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you can train yourself in the business of your dreams and play strategically to fight with the Seals (enemies of the game). It is necessary to choose your profession well because it allows you to participate in Fortresses and to obtain special skills.

There are three types of enemies in Fortresses: the Dark Forces, Beasts, and Curiosities.

Let’s discover together the three professions that you can choose once you reach level 6:



Just like Harry Potter, you can become Auror! The Aurors are veterans who can defeat their enemies easily by combining their innate leadership with the art of casting a slew of spells. Aurors are very effective against the Dark Forces.

Clearly, you will be better able to fight evil creatures like dead feeders.


Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures, the Magizoologists, in combat, focus on healing their teammates. They are more effective against the Beasts.

Their craft allows you to more easily combat creatures like spiders or werewolves.


The Professors are very skillful spellcasters who use their deep magical knowledge to weaken Calamity while supporting their teammates. In short, it’s a nice mix between Aurors and Magizoologists.

They are more effective against Curiosities: Cornish elves for example.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professions

Each of these professions will open the doors of a panel of skills and challenges. By collecting scrolls and spell books, you will participate in lessons specific to your profession and increase your knowledge.

It is possible to change professions at any time.

As a reminder, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is available via an APK on android mobiles on Google Play, and for iOS devices on Apple Store.