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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Auror Guide: Tree of Talent, Skills, Etc

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Find out all the details about Auror’s job in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Tree of talents, skills, lessons, levels, strengths and weaknesses … You are told all about this profession of the new mobile game available on iOS and Android.

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you should not choose between 3 teams as in Pokémon GO, but rather between 3 professions. In our guide dedicated to the choice of the profession, we explained to you the difference between becoming a Magizoologist, an Auror or a Professor.

Today, we are going to focus on one particular job: the Auror.

How does a Profession work?

For each profession, a skills tree is made available. The more you complete it, the more you will become strong in certain areas. In order to improve on a Talent, in particular, you have to take lessons. For example, on the screenshot below, we see that we have to attend 137 chapters to hopefully complete the first lesson on the basic principles of Aurors.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Auror Profession

You can see above that the Profession page is divided into two tabs: expertise and lessons.


Expertise is a kind of summary of your combat skills in your profession. This is the first tab and displays information about stats enhancements and abilities you acquire by completing the Lessons.

Use Scrolls and Books to attend Lessons and to increase your Expertise.

You can get treasure chests containing scrolls and spellbooks when you capture some creatures and you increase your Category Ranks in the Registry.

The Lessons:

The different lessons will increase your stats and sometimes give you new abilities. For example, you can increase the power of your spells, and bonus damage against certain types of enemies. To access the following lessons, we must first complete the lessons that are connected to each other: it is a real tree of talents!

Your Character Stats:

Depending on the profession you choose, your statistics are higher or lower in certain categories. Here are the Auror’s basic statistics that you can increase by following lessons and passing levels:

  • Stamina: 296
  • Power: 100
  • Protego Power: 35%
  • Precision: 35%
  • Critical Power: 120%
  • Proficiency Power: 148%
  • Deficiency Def: 50%
  • Defense: 39%
  • Defense Breach: 32%
  • Accuracy: 15%
  • Focus: 10
  • Initial Focus: 4
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Strengths and Weaknesses:

Forces of Evil:
The Aurors are stronger against the Recoveries in the Dark Forces category.

Aurors are more vulnerable to some type of enemies in the Creatures category.

The Complete Tree of Talent:

The different lessons that the Auror must learn can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. The lessons of “Deterioration” to improve his attacks on enemies,
  2. The lessons of “Restoration” to help its allies and heal them
  3. The lessons of “Protection” to protect oneself and one’s allies
  4. The lessons of “Knowledge” for better mental abilities

List of lessons to complete the Tree of Talent:

The first lesson book is entitled: Basic Principles of the Auror. It is composed of 137 lessons. Note that some lessons are composed of several chapters. We must, therefore, use more books and scrolls to complete them completely.

Here is the list:

List still being written

Name of the Lesson      Effects granted
The Weakening HexTo weaken an enemy by reducing their power
Improved Weakness Hex-5% enemy power

-5% enemy power

Weakness Hex Maxima-5% enemy power

-5% enemy power

-5% enemy power

Weakness Hex Mastery-10% Defense, Dodge and Defense Penetration

-10% Defense, Dodge and Counters

The Bat-Bogey HexSlightly reduces the endurance of the enemy
Ferocious Bat-Bogey HexReduces the endurance of the enemy by -2
The Confusion HexDefeat an enemy who reduces his defense, his avoidance and his counterattack
Confusion Hex Repetitions-10% Defense, Dodge and Defense Penetration

-10% Defense, Dodge and Counters

The Focus CharmTransfer the focus of yourself to a teammate
The Auror Advantage+10 Power against Enemies that have <50% endurance
Protego Practice+ 1% power of Protego

+ 2% power of Protego

The Flitwick Method+2 Power

+2 Power

Third Position+2 Power

+2 Power

+2 Power

+2 Power

Field Training+ 1% accuracy

+ 1% accuracy

+ 2% accuracy

Resilience Training+6 endurance

+7 endurance

+8 endurance

Auror’s Handbook+7 endurance

+8 endurance

Steel Conviction+1 Max Focus

+1 Max Focus

Method in the Mad-Eye+7 endurance

+8 endurance

+10 endurance

Playing Dirty+10 Defense against Enemies who have <50% endurance
Mind the Gaps+ 1% Accuracy

+ 1% Accuracy

+ 2% Accuracy

+ 2% Accuracy

+ 3% Accuracy

Gaining Experience+9 endurance

+10 endurance

Self Reflection+ 4% critical power

+ 5% critical power

+ 6% critical power

+ 7% critical power

The Duellists+2 Power

+2 Power

+2 Power

+3 Power

Duelling In The Dark+1 initial focus
Somatic Casting+2 Power

+2 Power

+3 Power

Full Body Fitness+9 endurance

+10 endurance

+12 endurance

Punishment Principle+2 Power

+2 Power

+3 Power

+3 Power

Dummy duelling+3 Power

+3 Power

An Unforgivable+9 endurance

+10 endurance

+12 endurance

+15 endurance


Name of the LessonEffects granted
Walden Macnair+3 Power

+3 Power

+3 Power

Constant Vigilance+1 Max Focus

+1 Max Focus

+1 Max Focus

To Protect And Serve+5% skill power

+6% skill power

+ 8% skill power

+10% skill power

Dancing With Dummies+35% accuracy against enemies with 100% endurance
Hidden Gem+6% Defense

+ 9% Defense

Practice Range+3% Accuracy

+5% Accuracy

+7% Accuracy

Diggles’ Discriminating Discourse+3% defense penetration

+4% defense penetration

+5% defense penetration

+8% defense penetration

+12% defense penetration

The Criminal Mind+7% Jurisdiction

+8% Jurisdiction

+10% Jurisdiction

+13% Jurisdiction

Battle Instinct+2% Accuracy

+2% Accuracy

+3% Accuracy

Creatures Elective+6% Defense Deficiency

+8% Defense Deficiency

+11% Defense Deficiency

Advanced Guard+2% Power of Protego

+2% Power of Protego

+3% Power of Protego

History of the Dark Arts+ 8% Power of Skill

+ 9% Power of Skill

+ 11% Power of Skill

+ 14% Power of Skill

+ 19% Power of Skill

Thieves’ Survival Guide+2% Accuracy

+2% Accuracy

+3% Accuracy

+3% Accuracy

Knowledge and Understanding+11% Defense Deficiency

+14% Defense Deficiency

Into The Fire+11 Endurance

+13 Stamina

+15 Stamina

Best-Laid Plans+1 initial focus
Accelerating Blast+ 6% Critical Power

+7% Critical Power

+9% Critical Power

Light and Shadow Room+7% Critical Power

+9% Critical Power

+10% Critical Power

Expanding Repertoire+3 Power

+3 Power

+3 Power

+4 Power

Fashion Forward+ 10% Defense

+14% Defense

Perfect Form+3 Power

+3 Power

+4 Power

+4 Power

The Trick With Death Eaters+25% Accuracy against Death Eaters
First Strike+50% critical power against enemies with 100% endurance.
Full Moon Hunter+30% defense penetration against werewolves

And now, you know everything about Auror’s profession! Feel free to check out our Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide at this link.

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