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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide: How To Get Extra Energy

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All the players of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will now have realized that Energy is the most important resource in the game. This is in fact used to complete many actions and, without it, the player is unable to move forward. There is, however, a way to make waiting less tedious: let’s see it together.

In this guide, we will reveal the elements of the map with which you can interact to get extra energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Although the energy obtained in this way is certainly not in extremely high quantities, collecting it in moments of waiting will certainly not hurt. One last recommendation, before leaving the list: however convenient it may be to collect energy in this way, remember that each element with which you can interact will not be an infinite source of energy. Each element has, in fact, a cooldown period of about 4 hours.

East Towers:
Just arriving at the East tower, you will see on the wall behind your character a painting composed only of a frame and a dark canvas. Touch it, and you will see a girl entering the canvas: this action will reward you with energy.

Western Towers:
Once you reach the Western Towers, scroll to the right until you find a picture with flowers near the Bath of the Prefects. Touch it and you will be rewarded with energy.

Lower Floor – West:
There are two elements of the Lower West Floor that will allow you to earn some extra energy. You can get the first energy ball by tapping the flashlight off at the entrance to the large hall. As for the second, you will have to scroll slightly to the right until you see a set of armor: touch that in the middle and you will be rewarded with additional energy.

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Castle Dungeons:
Scroll until you see an elf: touching it, the latter will escape, but the action will reward you with energy.

Castle Grounds:
Once you reach the castle Grounds, scroll to the right until you find a stick on the ground. Touch it, and you will be rewarded with energy.

Lower Floor – East:
Although you cannot reach the East Lower Floor right away, it will be good to keep in mind the position of the energy for the following school years. To get extra energy in this plan, just touch some books near one of the benches.

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