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Harry Maguire Arrested: Manchester United Captain Seems Cooperative

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Harry Maguire, captain of Manchester United, was arrested on Thursday, August 20, while holidaying in Mykonos, Greece. The defender from England has been booked for a quarrel with Greek police officers and two other men. On the other hand, the Man U club has stated that they are in constant touch with Harry Maguire and that he is cooperating with the Mykonos authorities. In the statement on behalf of the club, the spokesperson mentions that the board is fully aware of the incident. They also know that Harry is acting very responsible with the Greek police. However, they denied commenting further on this topic.

According to local media reports, including that of BBC, captain Harry Maguire is in total denial of the allegations. Moreover, he is assuring everyone that the detention he is facing will not last for very long. On the other hand, Konstantinos Darivas, Maguire’s attorney, says that the player is entirely positive about his release within a day. According to the Mykonos police, they arrested Harry Maguire after a brawl between two foreigner groups. It became so severe that the police had no option but to intervene to separate the two parties. However, some of the people involved in the situation did not appreciate the intervention and started to abuse the police officers on duty verbally. The assaults and violence ultimately led to an arrest.

What are the allegations against Harry Maguire?

The Greek police report that the violence was on even after the individuals were inside the local police station. According to the officers, a few of the men were so angry that they were continually hitting and pushing them. Moreover, the Mykonos police have also accused one of the violence-makers of offering a bribe to the officers against an early release. However, none of the offenses and incidents state that Harry Maguire was a part of them. Therefore, there are strong chances that he will get a release very soon.

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The Greek police highlighted the charge sheet mentioning violence against police officers, disobedience, insult, physical harm, and attempted bribery. However, there is still no clarity about the allegations that Maguire is facing presently. Moreover, no one knows whether the two men on his side are related to him. Last but not least, the original cause of the altercation is still doubtful too. The controversial incident took place within a week of the Manchester United ending their 2019-2020 season officially. They had to face a defeat in the Europa League Semi-finals against Sevilla.