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Harmonix Music VR New Trailer Released

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Through the PlayStation Blog, Harmonix announced that its upcoming virtual reality title, Harmonix Music VR, will be present at E3 2016 and released the trailer which will be available during the event.

Harmonix Music VR Screenshot

The Harmonix, the studio known for the Rock Band series revealed Harmonix Music VR, its new project for virtual reality that puts the player in various situations where he can live for your favorite music:

The title, which is exclusive to PlayStation VR projects, projects the music through 4 different virtual reality experiences. That is, the virtual environment reacts to the songs, either in The Beach, where a relaxing landscape is presented, The Easel, which lets you create 3D art and The Dance, where you can make choreographed movements with the characters of the game that is presented.

Harmonix Music VR will feature 17 songs, including title music of Amplitude and an album created by Harmonix exclusively for this game.

But if you want to experiment with different music, you can make your tunes to Hermonix Music VR, as you can connect a USB drive to PlayStation 4 to load your favorite songs and experiment with virtual reality.

Although there are no exact date for the debut of the game, the studio reported that Harmonix Music VR will be available in October with the launch of PlayStation VR.

Check out the trailer of Harmonix Music VR below:

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