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Hamster Sells 1 Million NeoGeo Games on Switch

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As has happened on other consoles and platforms, the possibility of playing classic arcade titles in the comfort of home or in a portable way is very tempting and the market for this type of games is maintained over the years. Nintendo Switch also has a large number of arcade games thanks to Hamster Corporation, a company that is celebrating today because it achieved an impressive sales figure.

Today, Hamster Corporation, a company responsible for publishing classic arcade titles using the ACA NeoGeo lineup, reported that it has already sold 1 million games on the new Nintendo console, a number that accounts for the important responsibility of console users to the arcade game offer.

As you know, Hamster Corporation has brought a large number of arcade games to Switch, most of them from SNK and some from Data East, including titles from the series of The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Pulstar, Double Dragon and Street Hoop.

No doubt these results will motivate Hamster Corporation to launch more arcade titles on Switch because we must remember that before the end of the year the company revealed that its goal is to launch 800 games of that type on the new Nintendo console.

Which titles of the ACA NeoGeo lineup have you acquired? Tell us in the comments below.

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