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Halo Wars 2 ‘Kinsano’ DLC download available now

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On this day, Microsoft and 343 Industries released the first DLC for Halo Wars 2, content that adds to the game a new leader Mogan Kinsano. To celebrate the launch of the DLC, the company has also release a trailer.

343 Industries and The Creative Assembly have launched recently the new DLC of Halo Wars 2 which introduces in the game the leader Morgan Kinsano, commander of Hellbringers specializing in the use of flamethrowers.

In addition to adding a new character, the Halo Wars 2 DLC includes 8 exclusive Blitz cards, such as Cyclops, Flame Warthong, Napal Missiles and more. You will also find 5 Blitz packages with exclusive Kinsano cards.

Kinsano’s powers allow her to dramatically accelerate the movement of her troops, summon vehicles and armies with flamethrowers, which will burn everything in her path.

Morgan Kinsano can cause extensive damage on the short and medium distance, can boost the attack and the speed of its units, and is able to launch wide-ranging attacks that cause damage over time and is perfect for destroying structures. If necessary, she can go into battle with her Cyclops equipped with flamethrowers, napalm missiles and energy shield.

The leader Kinsano DLC is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 and can be purchased individually at a price of 6.99 euro, or as part of the Season Pass for 29.99 euro.

Check out more in the below launch trailer of Halo Wars 2 ‘Kinsano’ DLC: