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Halo War 2 4K & HDR Patch on Xbox One X Download Available Now, Supports Crossplay on PC and X1

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Just as 343 Industries announced, Halo Wars 2 is already part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere titles with cross-play between Xbox One and PC.

This feature began to work this week, thanks to a massive update that added improvements and fixed bugs in Halo Wars 2. However, players should know that there will be certain limits.

For now, Halo Wars 2 allows cross-play in campaign modes, custom games, Terminus Firefight, Blitz Firefight and social playlists. Competitive encounters will be excluded from this function.

The studio commented that it prefers to respect the differences that may exist between the use of control on Xbox One and the mouse/keyboard on the PC version. But all is not lost because the game will receive a new game list called Ranked 3v3 X War, a competitive mode where the console and PC players can participate without problems.

Obviously, this update of Halo Wars 2 now supports 4K and HDR on Xbox One X. Players can now download this update and be ready by November 7, the date on which the new console will debut. You can check the patch notes on the official website of Halo Waypoint.